Well so on firday i said i have some server manitance todo.   but i fotgot to get is done.  i was out in the yeard playing with the kids in there pool and completetly forgot about it.  Now i got to stay late today and get it done.

I bet no one has ever forgot to do something over the weekend. 

Well it was the first time i had ever had to work this job over the weekend and I forgot.  well i just need to make sure i don't forget again.

also time for my Monday (sad face) moment, yes and that does not includ haveing to tell y boss i forgot to work over the weekend.

my (sad face) this monring comes from my PBX again.  this moning i have and end use in our Branch office let me knwo that her phoen said no service.  well i foudn her MAC address for the pheon in anohter branchs DHCP.   but it was an "easy " fix we rebooted her phone and it is working now.  I find out her phoen is fixed after i spend also most 1.5 hrs reading and configering the DHCP to deny known-clinets.


well such is the gloriours life as a sys admin