4 Reliable Methods to do PSD File Recovery

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular tools for designing, illustration, and various other purposes. There are many files present in photoshop which plays a pivotal role in its functioning. Some of them are : PSD, PSB, and PDD. Among all PSD is the important one, which in case if it corrupted or damaged, it will result in loss of valuable data. As some scenarios cannot be avoided like accidental deletion of files, application or system crash.

No need to worry, you will see some of the tried and tested methods to do PSD file recovery in Adobe Photoshop. Below are the reliable approaches which you can follow:

See the open-recent tab

While working on Photoshop, if your system or application is crashed. And you haven't saved it, then you can restore it by using open-recent tab. You just need to go to the file tab, click on it and search for the required PSD files.

By using backup

In case you have a backup, then it is the best option to do PSD file recovery. As it is a time-saving process. Follow the below-mentioned approaches to repair PSD file:

  • Go to Control panel, then click on "System Protection".

  • Now below "protection settings", make sure it is set to "ON".

Via Adobe Creative Cloud

Check whether you have adobe creative cloud account. In case, if it is available, then you can restore your PSD files by using it. Know how you can do PSD file recovery via Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • Launch your creative cloud account.

  • Now, go to deleted folder.

  • Then select the required PSD files and click on restore icon.

Or, you can go to the archive files page, there you can browse archive files in the files view of the Creative cloud assets site to restore PSD files.

From temp files, the user can do PSD file recovery:

Windows users:

  • Open hard drive

  • Then select "Documents and Settings"

  • Now go to the folder, which is mentioned with your username and then select "Local settings < Temp"

  • There look for the photoshop files and then open it in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Now you have to just change the extension from .temp to .psd and save it.

For Mac users:

  • Firstly, you need to go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

  • Then, execute command open/temp.

  • After this temp folder will open, then find out the Photoshop temp files and save it.


It is best to have a backup of your files, to avoid such problems. And, in case if there is no backup then these approaches will be boon for those who are regular users of Photoshop and on frequent basis lose their valuable time due to PSD file.