So earlier this week I posted a list of the task set forth before me.  It was not a long list, but it is a list worth working on. As I have foraged on I thought it would be nice to pass an update of my list on.

 So here are my things to do:

1.      EQL storage

          a.       Is everything Reping and Snaping - DONE

          b.      unused disk removed

2.      Veeam Backup

          a.       Basking stuff up

          b.      Restore Stuff

3.      IR Upgrade

          a.       created the servers - DONE

          b.      now waiting on IR

                   i.      Get ISO

                   ii.      Fill out lifeline paper

4.      New Image for New Computer

5.      KACE

6.      Kerio Control

7.      SRM

          a.       Create protection groups for all VM - DONE

          b.      Create recovery groups for all VM

So I am making progress on my list. IT alwasy felling good when you can mark stuff off your todo list.