I had a great question the other day about how to adjust one of the Advanced Java settings. 
The one in question was allowing Mixed Code:


By default, this is Enable - show warning if needed

For this specific scenario, we needed to set this to Disable

Doing some googling, I found some articles about it:






Using this as a baseline, I wrote some rules in Desktop Authority (DA) to create a directory, and copy a file over from a share.

 Figure 1.1: Creating the folder/path


Figure 1-2: Copying the file down to the client


Contents of the properties file:



#Thu Apr 14 14:45:17 CDT 2016






 Once I did that, logged in and out and let copy the file over and sets the options defined in the properties file.


You could do this as well from the K1 as a simple File Sync job as well, but just though I would share that if anyone was interested.