What if you could find a way to protect you data that changes the way you work?

Now there’s a solution from Dell KACE and Dell AppAssure that can transform the way you provide ̶ and ensure ̶ data protection across your entire organization.   Dell KACE and Dell AppAssure deliver a data protection solution that protects systems, servers, and applications.  It makes it easier to reduce the risk of losing data by enabling you to quickly identify which systems are unprotected so you can actively remedy the situation.

You can learn about the data protection that both Dell KACE and Dell AppAssure provide at a webinar titled:  Smarter, Speedier, Streamlined: Unified Data Protection and Systems Management. 

The webinar is on November 8th at 10:00 PT.  If you cannot attend at this time, you can still register and receive the link to the recorded session. 

The webinar will focus on AppAssure 5, an award winning backup, recovery and replication solution that protects servers and applications.  It’ a great product for our KACE customers as it enhances protection by unifying backup, replication and recovery.  We will also go into detail about how we work together and allow you to more quickly deploy data protection tools.  And, we will explain how these solutions save time in ways you may not have thought possible by  eliminating lengthy backup windows, reducing RPO (recovery point objective), and totally streamlining data protection processes