In this video presentation you will learn what InstallScript is, why it is still used and other general information on the topic before explaining the three ways of avoiding the need for running the setup from the provided setup.exe. Including video demonstrations of each: Removing the custom action that checks for the setup.exe call by creating a transform (MST) file, Tricking the MSI into thinking it is being called by the setup.exe using the ISSETUPDRIVEN property, and finally using the InstallScript Scan feature of AdminStudio to migrate the InstallScript to native Windows Installer (so InstallScript might be removed as a dependency)

Running Time: 18:30


After covering the issues and how they affect deployment, this video discusses three methods you may use to bypass or eliminate the problem.


Demonstrations are provided with clear instructions on how to remove the check using an MST (pictured here) or to pass a public property to fool the MSI into thinking it is being called by the required setup.exe.