Step 3: Package the Application


For legacy installations use Repackager to perform repackaging.

  1. Prepare the test image.
  2. Prepare your repackaging tools.
  3. Monitor the legacy installation using Repackager.
  4. In Repackager fields, enter the application name, version, and so forth.
  5. Follow the steps outlined in installation instructions.
  6. Save Repackager output to the development system.
  7. Convert the Repackager output to an MSI package.
  8. For advanced customizations, use InstallShield Editor and complete the following:
    • Open the .ism file (created by Repackager) in InstallShield Editor.
    • Make the required changes.
    • Build the updated MSI package.


For a basic customization project, use Tuner and/or InstallShield Editor.

  1. Use Tuner and/or InstallShield Editor to create the response transform (.mst file).
  2. Perform prevalidation.
  3. Make the required customizations.
  4. Save the transform.

Advanced Customization

For an advanced customization project, scope and execute the required steps:

  1. Scope the required steps.
  2. Execute the required steps.