If compiled with the default options the AutoIT executable files do not contain any metadata information such as the version number, the product name and description and so they can not appear in the KACE K1000 Software Catalog and subsequently in the Discovered Software section of the device.

One way to have these metadata information added to the EXE file is to run the AutoIT compiler, Aut2exe.exe, from the command line using these parameters:

Aut2exe.exe /in "C:\examples\mszmsz.au3" /out mszmsz.exe /companyname MyCompany /filedescription MyFileDescription /productname MyProductName /fileversion 1.2 /productversion 3.4

There are other parameters available to set. The full list is available in the documentation of AutoIT or simply invoking Aut2exe.exe in this way:

Aut2exe.exe /?


To check that the desired metadata were correctly added to the EXE file right click on it in Windows, choose Properties and have a look to the Details tab.