If you are still using version Wise Package Studio 4.01 there is a critical bug in the Windows Installer Editor tool (a.k.a. "Wise for Windows Installer" or "WfWI") which you must know about and take steps to work around. It involves the performance of WfWI and SetupCapture: for large packages, this can mean saving and compiling can take hours instead of just a few minutes, as it should. Follow the instructions below on your installation of WPS 4.01:

1. Go to the location of your main WPS installation and find the following Templates folder. For a default local installation, this is located at “C:\Program Files\Wise Package Studio\Windows Installer Editor\Templates”.

2. Make a backup copy of the "Windows Application.msi".

3. Open the original "Windows Application.msi" and go to Setup Editor | Tables tab | WisePathVariable table.

4. In the Attributes column, change the value for the rows CommonFiles and ProgramFiles from 1 to 3. This changes the type of these variables from Predefined to User-Defined.

5. Switch to Installation Expert | Path Variables page. Double click on CommonFiles to display the "User-Defined Path Variables Details" dialog. Complete the dialog with the appropriate location of the Common Files and Program Files folders.