I recently embarked on looking for a way to uninstall all versions of QuickTime with the latest security issues.  I searched IT Ninja, Dell Software Forums, and Google trying to find a simplified way to build an all-in-one uninstaller in K1000.  Going version to version just took way to long.  I stumbled across a field in the software inventory that caught my attention.  Here is what I did to make this work:

Go into Inventory > Software.
Click Choose Action > New.

Name the software something like "QuickTime AIO"
Choose the Operating Systems you want to target (Control + Click for multiple).

The magic happens in the next area: Custom Inventory Rule
Note: Click on the blue ? icon to see all of the strings available.
For this example I chose to use the QuickTime executable file.  So I entered "FileExists(c:\program files (x86)\quicktime\quicktimeplayer.exe" into the Custom Inventory Rule box.


Check the box "Don't Replicate Associated File".

Save the software item and force all of your devices to inventory.  

Now you can select this new software item in your Distribution > Managed Installations area.  

I used the setup below to build the uninstaller.


The Full Command Line is:  wmic product where "name like 'quicktime%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.  Also if you have any feedback or suggestions please advise.