So I've acquired a new job recently, which is going to be awesome with the hopes of looking into programming/development.

The cool thing about all this is that the whole IT Ninja community will benefit as I now have to write up blogs for all programs I've managed so the other person I work with can deal with taking on my job.. yay for him :/

So hopefully in the coming weeks I should have start-to-finish GPO blogs up (No promises of course) relating to all those Generic programs that are helpful for network situations.. You cross a lot of water working in a school, you literally have to cater for almost every kind of work out there... haha

Here’s a few up for grabs:

  • Google Chrome for Enterprise
  • Java 6/7
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.5.5 (Final update release)
  • Adobe Reader 11.0.5
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Google Earth (maybe)
  • And a probably a good few more perhaps...

And of course I’ll upload all my wonderfully delectable .MSI’s and transforms up so anyone can avoid the hassles and simply install away!!

Has been good.. :)