In order to use a keyboard layout for a different language, there are steps that can be taken to make this easy.
First identify the language ID from the this page: For IDs of other languages, see:
According to [] boot into a kbe and go to command prompt

Substitute the language ID found from the step above for your usage, this example looks at French, which had the language ID code of 0x040c
Type 'wpeutil listkeboardlayouts 0x040c’ at the command prompt
The list is long, so you may want to output to a file because the buffer isn’t big enough to let you scroll all the way back to the beginning.
'wpeutil listkeboardlayouts 0x040c > t:\petemp\idcode.txt'

Then scroll through this file and find the name of the keyboard layout you want to use.  For example Belgian French is 040c:0000080c

So then you would type in 'wpeutil setkeyboardlayout 040c:0000080c’

This does not work in the initial command window from which it was run, but does work in other command windows and works in the dialog box for getcomputername.exe!!

So a user could run KBEM and type 'wpeutil setkeyboardlayout 040c:0000080c’ as a command line option, or a preinstall bat task could be used containing the identical information.

*Warning, after the change is made, the keyboard layout does not affect the K2000 Deployment HTA pages.