Converting Email into Tickets


The K1000 Management Appliance is designed to receive email from a POP3 email server.  If you do not use a POP3 email server, you can use the built-in SMTP server to accept incoming email messages from your internal email server.

However, setting up the K1000 to work with a POP3 server is much easier than using the built-in SMTP server.  This guide will walk you through setting up POP3 and a separate document will exist for the latter.  

To Connect to a POP3 Server:

       Go to “Settings > Network Settings” and toward the bottom of the page you will find a check box to “Enable Service Desk POP3 Server”. Check and select “Save” at the bottom.

       Since this is a network setting, the Kace Appliance will need to reboot.  

       After the Kace appliance has rebooted, you will now see additional fields in the helpdesk queue to enter a POP3 user account name and password.

       Go to “Service Desk > Configuration > Queues > K1000 Service Desk” and under Queue Detail you will find POP3 User/Password:

       Enter your POP3 info appropriately

       Please NOTE: If the helpdesk queue settings option “Accept email from unknown users:” is NOT checked, no ticket will be created if the submitter email address is not listed in the users DB. 



As an alternative, another option would be to create a fictitious Google/Gmail Account, i.e., since gmail supports POP3.  The settings for Gmail would be:

       POP3 Server Name =

       User Name = Your Full Gmail Address

       Password = GMAIL Password

       Gmail POP3 Port = 995

       Gmail POP SSL = yes