This is a repost to fix some minor errors and also work around UAC problems

You will need this vbs script and batch file to create this:

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\user\filteredadmins.bat",0,True
echo off
if exist c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\out.txt del c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\out.txt /q
for /f "tokens=* skip=6" %%g in ('net localgroup administrators') do echo %%g >> c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\out.txt
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\out.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"The command" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\admins.txt)
REM:: this part removes the IT approved users and groups ::
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\admins.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"localuser" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt)
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"localuser2" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp.txt)
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"Administrator" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt)
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"domain\Desktop Local Admins" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp.txt)
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"domain\Domain Admins" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt)
for %%g in (c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp1.txt) do (findstr /v /b /c:"domain\ITO PC Admins" %%g > c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\filteredadmins.txt)
del c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\temp*.txt /q
Take above batch code and modify the lower portion to reflect any users you want to filer out.  Make sure the last write to text file is named what ever you plan on using in the CIR "shell command text return statement"

Zip the vbs and batch file up together to attach to the CIR you will create next.

CIR1  attach zip file to this one (see at bottom of screen shot)
ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c cscript /b c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\fadmins.vbs&type c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\filteredadmins.txt )

ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c type c:\programdata\dell\kace\user\admins.txt )

Create file sync or MI to install the files from the 1st CIR

You will need to use a MI if you do not have a common user to file sync with, the MI will install as system.

File sync method: (suggested by fellow ITNinja blaise_gregory)
MI method will require an install bat also:
xcopy filteredadmins.bat "c:\programdata\dell\kace\user" /q /y
xcopy fadmins.vbs "c:\programdata\dell\kace\user" /q /y

add the install bat to the zip if you choose the MI method

MI Method:
create reports (we use the built-in Kace notes field to list who is approved to be local admin)
filter on the CIR field you are using as "is not null"

Wizard created reports looks like this:

Custom inventory under the machine looks like this: