We are very pleased to announce the release version 3.1 of Dell Privilege Manager! Version 3.1 offers significant new features and enhancements including improved self-service workflow, enhanced reporting functionality, better integration with GPMC and new platform support.


Privilege Manager 3.1 new features include:


  • Self-Service Notifications – Version 3.0 added the ability for users to request elevated privileges whenever they come across an application for which no rule already exists.  The self-service request is currently only available to the administrator through a report in the Privilege Manager console.  Version 3.1 enhances this functionality to add email notifications for self-service requests.  This ensures administrators are promptly notified any time a new request enters the system.
  • Reporting Enhancements – Reporting has been enhanced to allow users to create and save custom sets of filters for reports allowing for ad-hoc reports to be saved and run at any time.  Additionally, saved reports can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis and delivered automatically via email or to a file share.
  • Integration with Group Policy Management Console – Administrators can now fully manage their Privilege Manager rules directly through the Group Policy Management Console.  This feature allows for full control over privilege elevation rules and advanced policy settings directly from within GPMC, eliminating the need to launch the Privilege Manager console to modify rule settings.
  • Integration with Resultant Set of Policy Snap-In – Privilege Manager now integrates with the Resultant Set of Policy MMC snap-in allowing administrators to run an RSoP report showing all privilege elevation rules along with advanced policy settings for any user or computer on the domain.
  • New Platform Support – Privilege Manager 3.1 introduces support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for both console and client. 


You can learn more about Dell Privilege Manager, and download a free, 30-day evaluation here: http://software.dell.com/products/desktop-authority-management-suite/

Existing customers can download version 3.1 from our support portal at: https://support.software.dell.com/privilege-manager-for-windows/download-new-releases

Thank you for your support of Privilege Manager. We appreciate your participation in the Privilege Manager community and encourage you to try version 3.1.