Google Chrome is becoming the standard in business providing big speedups, apps, all the while keeping up to date with HTML5 & CSS3 as well.

Down the bottom I have supplied the MSI+MST for download.


Google Chrome for Business EXE
Google Chrome ADM/ADMX Templates

Direct download links:

Google Chrome for Business MSI (35.3MB)

Google Chrome for Business ADM/ADMX Templates (5.7MB)


After you have downloaded the MSI and ADM/ADMX templates, move the files to a network accessable folder. Once done, open up Group Policy.

Create a new Group Policy by right clicking on an OU (Prefereably a test workstation OU). Click “Create and Link a GPO Here..”

Call the GPO “Install Google Chrome Enterprise”

In the Group Policy Object Editer, open 'Computer configuration' > 'Software Settings' > 'Software Installation'. In the white space on the right hand side, right click > 'New' > 'Package'

Find where you stored the “Google Chrome Enterprise.msi” and open it. Choose Advanced rather than Assigned, then click Ok. In here Feel free to change the name of the file, or check anything you want to. Afterwards choose 'Ok'.

You Should now see Google Chrome sitting there ready to be installed and managed.

Administrative Templates:

Extract the ADM/ADMX policy files downloaded from Google/the above link.

To install the Administrative Templates, in Group Policy Object Editor, under 'Computer Configuration' > 'Administrative Templates' right click on 'Administrative Templates'. Choose 'Add/Remove Templates'. With the panel that pops up click on 'Add...' down the bottom left. Sifting through to the ADM/ADMX files that were downloaded, choose the right language for you and the right format.

I chose 'Policy_templates' > 'Windows' > 'adm' > 'en-us' > chrome.adm

Once selected click okay and close the add/remove templates panel. The new templates will now be avaliable under:

'Computer Configuration' > 'Administative Templates' > 'Google' > 'Google Chrome'

'Computer Configuration' > 'Administative Templates' > 'Google' > 'Google Chrome – Default Settings'

'Google Chrome' is the backend settings for chrome and 'Google Chrome – Default Settings' is user-defined settings that can be overridden by the user.

Be warned. There is A LOT of policies that can be applied so have fun! After the policies are set, exit out of the editor and try it out on a test machine!


Direct MSI+ADM/ADMX Template Download:

Version 31.0.1650.63: