Not really a question, but I thought I would make a post to save some other people the headache later. 

If using PE10 as your base for the KBE, Windows may assign the letter D to the flash drive itself, causing all sorts of problems down the road. This may happen with earlier PEs, but I am using PE10. Here are a few of the changes I made in order to get the USB stick generated by following the directions given by KACE to work:
  • Mount \sources\boot.wim and with dism and edit \Windows\System32\startnet.cmd with a prefix of "diskpart /s pe.txt" where in the same directory I've created pe.txt which says "sel vol d; assign letter = q." This solves the issue with drive letter conflict
  • The built-in diskpart/format tasks do not work as is. I had to remove the first two lines ("select volume 0;remove all noerr") from the Create Two Partitions script (if they exist in yours---I didnt build this kbox so I dont know whats canned and whats custom). (KACE\preinstall folder.... the conf file is a diskpart script)
  • I had to update getcomputername_x64 and setcomputername_x64 to the most recent version otherwise they crashed (in the KACE folder). Known issue on the getcomputername page, it seems.
  • I dumped the driver CAB from dell to the root of the USB and changed the drivers_installation task to just be a batch file for "dism /add-driver /image:D:\ /driver:Q:\3150\ /recurse /forceunsigned" (also burried in the KACE folder)
Figuring all that out took about 4 hours, then I had to test the image just one last time before turning it over to be used. Anyways happy imaging!