Kindly follow the following procedure to edit the Summary information in transform files created over the vendor supplied MSI.

1. Go to Run

2. Type cmd

3. Hit the Return key

4. Type the following command

cscript WiSumInf.vbs [path to database][Property=value]

Path to the database can be the path to your transform file.

WiSumInf.vbs is a part of the Windows Installer 4.5 SDK.

For Instance :

cscript “C:\Program Files\Windows Installer 4.5 SDK\SAMPLES\SCRIPTS\WiSumInf.vbs” “D:\Review\MyTransform.mst” 4=“Batman & Robin”

The property 4 corresponds to Author and the Summary information for the transform is set to Author ‘Batman & Robin’. Similarly the other properties can also be set on the same command line separated by a single space.

PID Name Description

1 Codepage ANSI codepage of text strings in SumInfo

2 Title Type of Windows Installer package.

3 Subject Full Product name

4 Author Creator, typically vendor name

5 Keywords List of keywords for use by file browser.

6 Comments Description of purpose or use of package.

7 Template Supported platforms and languages.

8 LastAuthor Set only by the installer.

9 Revision Package code GUID.

11 Printed Date and time of installation image.

12 Created Date and time of package creation.

13 Saved Date and time of last package modification.

14 Pages Minimum version of Windows Installer required for this package.

15 Words Type of source file image.

16 Characters Used for transforms only. Character Count.

18 Application Application associated with this file, i.e. "Windows Installer".

19 Security Security setting