If you use SAP or support an environment that uses it, you have probably come across EveryAngle. Its a rather simple application, from a deployment standpoint, consisting of the executable (built with WISE) and an INI file called EAClient.ini. The INI file provides the application with two pieces of configuration information; the EA server to connect to, and the default language.

 Sample INI file:


  [Connection] Language=EN

We use the K1000, so the deployment process was rather simple. We wrote a batch script that installs the application silently (WISE Installer uses a /S). The script then copies the INI file into the installation directory; C:\Progra~1\EASuite for 32Bit versions of Windows (Progra~2 for 64bit). The files were then zipped and uploaded into the KACE appliance and set for distribution.