j8H5URsEESAAAAAElFTkSuQmCCSo who wouldn't want to know where their assets are, or at least know where they were last seen?

The fundamental data values that Asset Management Best Practice defines you should record against your asset are of course:

  • Location - So we know physically where the Asset is....
  • Department - So we know functionally where the Asset is....
  • Cost Center - So we know financially where the Asset belongs....
  • Status - So we know if the Asset is being actively used....
  • User - So we know who is primarily responsible for the Asset!

But what if we were able to see on a map, where the asset was last physically seen?

With our latest release of BarKode for KACE you can do just that.

BarKode allows location data to be accessed by the app on your smartphone or tablet and every time you scan an Asset tag, the full Geolocation of that Asset is now stored in your KACE Database.     

Not only that, but view that asset back in the BarKode UI and there is a convenient button that then opens your map app and displays the last known location of your Asset.

And if that is not enough, here at Indigo Mountain we have even worked out a way to then access that mapped data from within your SMA console.

So if you are looking to make Asset Management within KACE much quicker and easier, why not check out what Barode has to offer?

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