K1000 6.4 Release Candidate Concierge Program

We have implemented a new “concierge” service for customers who would be willing to allow us to upgrade their production appliance to our 6.4 release candidate. Yes, that is correct, WE will do the upgrade!

As a thank you for participating and adopting early, we will provide you with access to a single point of contact for the entire release candidate program to whom you can ask questions and give feedback. In addition, a senior K1 developer will work on your schedule to ensure a backup has been completed and offloaded; upgrade the appliance and validate that it is working properly; and monitor appliance performance and system logs during the length of the program. All we ask is that: your system is currently running 6.3; this is your production appliance and not your dev/ hot swap; your appliance is in English only; and a tether can be attached for the duration of the program.

But wait, there’s more! You will also be invited to several feedback sessions that will be hosted by the product managers, allowing you direct access to give your feedback: what you love, what you hate, what you want. 

Space is extremely limited and the program is set to start on June 24th. First come, first serve. Anyone who doesn’t make the concierge program will automatically be placed in the release candidate program and you will have access to the 6.4 RC build in late July.

To request inclusion, please send an email to K1000_RC@kace.com with the header “K1000 6.4 Concierge Program” and include a screenshot of your appliance’s serial number (found by clicking clicking the “About K1000” link in the lower left hand corner). Act now, there are only a limited number of participant slots – we will award inclusion based on first come first served.