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Across the nation and the world, you won’t find many students without some kind of portable device, be it smartphone, laptop or tablet. However, this type of “bring your own device” (BYOD) mentality has presented several challenges at all levels of education.

In this on-demand webcast, Craig Mathias of the Farpoint Group discusses how the technological landscape is changing for students and institutions. He also talks about the associated benefits for desktop virtualization in education, and how leveraging desktop virtualization makes sense for supporting not only “bring your own device” (BYOD) challenges, but other issues for IT such as:

  • Providing access in labs, classrooms, public use areas, and kiosks
  • Managing multiple images for different campus use cases
  • Maintaining frequently changing desktop images …and much more

Then, you’ll learn about a low-cost, flexible and robust desktop virtualization solution that can help you meet the challenges of BYOD and more! Join us at this live webcast. Register Now

Speaker information: Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, a wireless and mobile advisory firm based in Ashland, MA. Founded in 1991, the company works with manufacturers, network operators, enterprises, and the financial community in technology assessment and analysis, strategy development, product specification and design, product marketing, education and training, and the integration of emerging technologies into new and existing business operations, across a broad range of markets and applications. Craig is an internationally-recognized expert on wireless communications and mobile computing technologies, and has published numerous technical and overview articles on a wide variety of topics.

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