How to Automate Capturing in App Packaging with PACE Suite

We have prepared a step-by-step comprehensive guide on automation in application packaging.

The first part is on leveraging PACE Suite to automate the capturing process on the localhost through the command line and UI, and on the remote virtual machines. 

Read the guide here.


  • Automating capturing in app packaging with PACE Suite involves streamlining the process of capturing an application's installation and configuration settings. PACE Suite is a packaging tool designed to assist in creating, editing, and managing application packages for deployment. Here's a general guide on how you can automate capturing in App Packaging with PACE Suite:

    Install PACE Suite:

    Ensure that PACE Suite is installed on your packaging machine. You can download it from the official PACE Suite website.
    Launch PACE Suite:

    Open PACE Suite on your packaging machine.
    Create a New Project:

    Start a new project by selecting "File" > "New Project."
    Choose the Capturing Method:

    PACE Suite offers various methods for capturing applications. Choose the appropriate method based on your requirements:
    Snapshot Method: Captures changes made during the installation of an application.
    Repackaging Method: Monitors the installation process and captures changes.
    Package Accelerator: Utilizes existing MSI packages to create a new package.
    Select the Application:

    Identify and select the application you want to capture. This can be done by initiating the installation process for the target application.
    Capture the Installation:

    Execute the capturing method you selected. This involves running the installation of the application and letting PACE Suite monitor the changes made to the system.
    Configure and Validate:

    After capturing, configure the application settings as needed. Validate that the captured changes accurately represent the application's installation and configuration.
    Edit and Optimize:

    Use PACE Suite's editor to modify and optimize the captured package. This may involve adjusting registry entries, file paths, or other settings to ensure compatibility and compliance.
    Test the Package:

    Before deployment, thoroughly test the packaged application to ensure it functions as expected in your target environment.
    Build the Package:

    Once satisfied with the package, build the final MSI package using PACE Suite.
    Document the Package:

    Document the package by adding any necessary details or instructions for deployment.
    Deploy the Package:

    Deploy the packaged application using your preferred deployment tool or method.
    By automating the capturing process with PACE Suite, you can significantly streamline the application packaging workflow, reducing the time and effort required for deployment. - Hajidanial 6 months ago
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