To make a portable WIM imager with no kace support

1: create a bootable kace usb drive with the K2000 boot environment. (use a usb device large enough to also hold the wim's)

2: take the boot.wim file from the .\files\sources directory and put that in a directory that also has the file imagex on your computer

3: create a temp dir below that dir.

so put boot.wim and imagex in a dir c:\modifier create c:\modifier\temp

4: open a command window and go to the folder, enter this command "imagex /mountrw boot.wim 1 c:\modifier\temp"

5: go to .\temp\windows\system32 copy imagex here.

6: edit startnet.cmd and delete everything in it and replace with "cmd".(no quotes)

If you want to automate any of the process's just place them in the startnet.cmd also.

If you want to be able to do diskparts and mbr resets add the needed files to system32

some of things I added to system 32 were batch files to diskpart, format and mbr reset

I created a dpart.bat - diskpart /s wipe_partition.conf

I created a wipe_partition.conf

select disk 0


create partition primary

select partition 1




If you go to \\ikbox\peinst login as admin or .\admin (use share pw) and look in preinstall, applications, scripts, etc you can harvest the format and mbr commands.

Once you have all the extra's you need, the next thing is to repackage the wim file.

7: imagex /commit c:\modifier\temp

8: imagex /unmount c:\modifier\temp

replace the boot.wim on the USB drive, create any imaging dir and batch files you want on the drive.  Put your wim(s) on this drive. (found on 2000 at \\ikbox\petemp\imagestore)

Boot target machine, it will winpe boot for you and open a command window, run your uploaded batches from either the system dir or root of usb drive. 

Use imagex commands to deploy the image.