Outlook users mostly encounter with a problem where Outlook rules stopped working accidentally. Users are unable to find any solutions to this problem. So, here, we are showing you best ways to fix such kind of issue. The blog consists of many subsections. The first section includes the problem, the next section consists of the causes and the last section describes the manual ways for it. 

There are some users facing the issue that Outlook rules don't function either automatically or manually. In this same case, Outlook rules only affect when users manually press the "Run Rules Now" button. This technical article presented some simple and cost-effective strategies for dealing with this problem.

About Outlook Rules:

MS Outlook offers various environments, tasks, and activities to deal with, and Rules is one of the most useful of all. A rule is an activity that executes automatically on incoming / outgoing email messages from Outlook for Windows. The rules governing Microsoft Outlook are based on the default conditions or guidelines established by users. The rules of Outlook are helpful, as they support in:

  • Remain Organized
  • Always remain Up to Date
  • Begin from a Blank Rule

Sometimes, these rules for Microsoft Outlook do not work automatically, even when they made correctly. This condition basically signifies corruption in the rules, or in the mailbox. It may also mean manipulation in Microsoft Outlook's send/receive settings package (srs-file). 

After learning about the problem, let us know what are the main causes behind it.

Main Causes behind Outlook Rules Not Working issue:

A few separate and incompatible issues prevent Outlook rules stopped working. Also, it even completely deactivating the rules. Any of these could be the one responsible for:

  • Damage in send/receive settings file.

  • Rules are configured to run on one system only.

  • Damage by using a POP3 or IMAP account.

  • Rules exceed the limit of rules set for your mailbox.

Now, let us check a few strategies to repair Outlook Rules that automatically stopped working problems.

How to Fix Outlook rules not Working automatically Issue?

Solution 1: Try to delete old, unimportant rules on Outlook:

In order to sustain the quota for Outlook Rules, users can choose to delete the more previous and unneeded Outlook rules. These can be removed directly from the application's Outlook Rules feature. Let’s begin with the steps for it:

Step 1: First, launch the Outlook application, and visit the File menu. Then go to the Info tab ≫Manage Rules & Alerts.


Step 2: Pick the corresponding older, unused Outlook rules underneath the Rules and Alerts dialog box and press the Delete button, which will uninstall the Outlook rules immediately.


Step 3: Then, Outlook rules quota now more volatile, and now it will work better after that. Just verify it. 

Notice: You may also consider renaming the name of the Outlook Rules. Those Outlook rule which is bigger in size to a smaller name, allowing the quota for the Outlook Rules more space.

Solution 2: Change the name of Outlook SRS File

You can fix the corruption in the data by reconfiguring this using renaming your Outlook SRS file to.old.srs. Search your file at this position for Outlook.srs.

C: >> Users/ admin name/AppData/Roaming/ Microsoft/Outlook


Change name Outlook.srs, this file name to Outlook.srs.old. Close, and reopen the Outlook application. Just after reconfiguration, the new Outlook.srs file will be generated, and Outlook rules issue will be resolved.

Solution 3: Repairing Outlook Corrupted PST files

Often compromised PST from your POP3 or IMAP account may be the trigger behind the Outlook rules' incompetence. Therefore, we suggest restoring corrupt Outlook PST files using below manual methods or by applying a third-party tool. 

But, first, you have to remove the Outlook rules set earlier.

  • First, use the inbuilt application offered by Microsoft, by the following location of the Outlook PST file.
  • The default PST file location for new Outlook versions (Outlook 2010 and above) is: 

     File>>Info>>Account Settings>>Account Settings>>Data Files>>Select PST file>>Open File Location

  • Location for searching PST files on older Outlook versions (Outlook 2007 and earlier) is:

     C:>Users>admin>Documents>Outlook Files

  • If you have known the path of your PST file, write it down and use it for searching by using the Outlook PST file repair program scanPST.exe.

If you are unable to find any solutions from the above manual ways then, you should opt for a permanent solution. You are advised to go with a third-party utility like PST Recovery. This utility works very effectively in repairing all the corrupted Outlook PST file without any other issues. It does not cause any alteration in data. That is why it is the most wanted tool to repair corrupted PST files


Here, we have covered the main problem of Outlook i.e Outlook rules stopped working. This guide told all about the issue in details, it causes and it methods to fix it manually. Also, a permanent solution discussed with the proper benefit of using it. I Hope, it would help in solving the Outlook rules not working automatically issues.