Please Note - This installs the whole package:

  • Microsoft Expression Design 3
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 Screen Capture
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder 3
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder SDK
  • Microsoft Expression Web 3 SuperPreview
  • Microsoft Expression Web 3

Assuming you are a customer of Microsoft Volume Licensing:

  1. Log into the portal
  2. Search for and download the Expression Web 3.0 .ISO
  3. Using a tool, for example, WinRAR, Extract the contents into a folder called "Expression Web 3" on your deployment server.

For those that have the CD copy the contents into a folder called "Expression Web 3" on your deployment server.

In this folder Right click and create a 'installExpressionWeb.txt' file and enter in where XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX is your own product Key:

@echo off
if not exist "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Web 3" (

Afterwards change the extention to '.bat'

Open up Group Policy Management MMC

Go to the Organisational Unit that you want to apply software to

Right click on the OU and select ‘Create a GPO in this Domain, and link it here…’

Write your GPO name mine was “Software – Microsoft Expression” Click OK

Right Click on GPO, Click Edit

Drill down “Computer Configuration – Policies – Windows Settings – Scripts - Startup”

Right click on Startup

Click Properties

Click Add

Browse to where the 'installExpressionWeb.bat' script is, click to select, click open

Click Ok

Click OK

Hit the X to close out