In this article I explain how to create a Managed Installation to deploy in few simple steps Microsoft Office 365 with the Dell KACE K1000.
What you will need:
Let's begin then!
  1. Download the Office 2013 Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run and run it: it will ask you a directory where to place the extracted files (less than 1MB)
  2. Create an empty local directory to store the installation sources of Office 365 ( c:\TempOffice in this example )
  3. Amend the configuration.xml provided by default to point to that directory. Your configuration should look like the following one:
   <Add SourcePath="c:\TempOffice" OfficeClientEdition="32" >
    <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">
      <Language ID="nl-nl" />

 4. Now from the command line issue the command setup.exe /download configuration.xml and wait until the download is complete (~1 GB)
 5. Browse to the target directory c:\TempOffice in this example ) and move all the content in the directory where you have the setup.exe and configuration.xml files

At this point you need a batch that will kick in the installation. The batch needs t create a temporary directory, copy all the files and folders of the current directory there and launch the setup.exe this time with the /configure option.

This step is required because the SourcePath parameter is not able to handle relative paths (e.g.: ..\myfiles  OR .\) but only absolute paths (e.g.: c:\tempOffice\)

Do not worry! I wrote the script for you:

REM Script written by Marco S. Zuppone for DELL.
REM Try it before to use in production !! 
IF NOT EXIST "C:\TempOffice" (MKDIR "C:\TempOffice") ELSE (DEL "C:\TempOffice\*.*" /F /S /Q)
XCOPY /E *.* "C:\TempOffice"
PUSHD %cd%
CD "C:\TempOffice"
setup.exe /configure configuration.xml
RMDIR /S /Q "c:\Tempoffice"

At the end your directory with all the content should look like this:

    6. Copy the folder on a test machine, open the DOS command line, change to that directory and run the batch (I called it, in my example installOffice.bat)
    Verify that the installation is correct and all is fine. Force the inventory of the test machine after the installation has been successfully performed.

    7. Select all the files in the folder (Office subfolder and all the content) and create a ZIP file of the content.

    8.Look for the Inventory of the test machine, open it and look for the Office 365 in the Installed Programs section.

    9. Click on the Office 365 record and associate to it the ZIP file that you created at the point 7

    10. Create now the Managed Installation under the Deployments menu: the only focal point here is to use Override Default and put in the Parameters field the name of the batch that will perform the installation.

Job Done. I'd suggest, as usal, to test the managed distribution against one or more test clients before to go in production.