The Service Desk ticketing system is, by default, associated with the Inventory section of the KBOX. This
becomes a problem for when customers need to remove inventoried items based on system refresh,
license availability or decommission purposes. The problem is if an item in inventory is removed, tickets
associated with these systems automatically reopen, causing a ruckus of email attention to agents
assigned to these systems in the past. The way to avoid this problem is to change the association
between the Service Desk and the rest of the KBOX by associating with Assets and not Inventory. To do
this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Inventory>select system listed and scroll to bottom and expand asset information.

  2. Choose edit this asset and click Save. Make sure it lists asset detail information for the system.

  3. Next, associate the help desk to the assets instead of the default association for inventory.
    Help Desk>Configuration>queues>select each queue required>Customize Field and Layouts.
  4. Scroll down to Ticket Layout - label Machine as Hidden under Permissions.

  5. Then go to an available custom field. (example: custom_1). Give it the 'Machine' name and give it the
    same permissions you had set for the original Machine name. Save.

  6. Then scroll down to Custom Fields and choose the exact same custom field as in Tticket Layout. (example:
    custom_1). Field type=single select.

For Select Values, put in a query to for the location of the computer assets and then save. The most common query provided is:


Once established, any system inventoried after the fact will not generate a reopening of a ticket if ever deleted.  If an inventory of systems is already established and a Help Desk has been present, a machine deletion will only trigger tickets created prior to the above procedure to reopen.  


IF the KBOX is setup with ORGs then the query will need to reflect the ORG it is in.

This process may strip computer information from the closed tickets.  If this is a problem, run a report of all systems currently associated to gain system information prior to following these steps.