Keeping the KACE Agent up to date is important, especially when upgrading or having recently upgraded the K1000. While it’s possible to have KACE handle the K1000 agent and its subsequent upgrades, we’ve chosen to deploy the K1000 Agent via group policy. In this document we’ll look at the steps to update the K1000 Agent in Group Policy for HQ and our Branch Offices.

  1. Make sure you have the latest K1000 Agent downloaded. You can download it HERE.
    1. The latest versions are at the bottom, however you may need to go up a few levels to find the latest folder with a windows platform subfolder, which contains the MSI
  2. Rename of the KACE Agent to include your K1000’s FQDN.
    1. i.e. ampagent-5.x.xxxxx-x86.msi becomes ampagent-5.x.xxxxx-x86_<k1000name.domain>.msi
    2. In 5.4 you need to run a script to change the language of the MSI to English. You can download the script HERE.
    3. Open a command prompt and change it's location where the script and MSI are located and run the following command “cscript setlang.vbs C:\pathtoampagent\ampagent-5.4.1000-x86_<k1000name.domain>.msi 1033”
    4. Other languages are available by changing the four digit number at the end: 1028 zh-TW, 1031 de-DE, 1033 en-US, 1034 es-ES, 1036 fr-FR, 1040 it-IT, 1041 ja-JP, 1046 pt-BR, 2052 zh-CN
  3. Copy the KACE Agent MSI file to a shared location that Group Policy can deploy from.
  4. Open Group Policy Management and find the GPO that the KACE Agent installs under. Right click it and choose Edit.
    1. If your GPO only installs the KACE Agent, Right click the GPO and Choose "User Configuration Settings Disabled" this will skip the User Configuration portion and result in a faster GPO update.
  5. In the group policy object navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings -> Software Installation. Then right click and choose New -> Package.
  6. Navigate to the location you placed the KACE Agent in Step 3, Choose Assigned deployment method.
    1. In remote offices it may take a while to show up after you added it, just be patient.
  7. Right click the new setting and click Properties. Set the name to Dell KACE Agent 5.x.xxxx and click apply, and then OK to close.
  8. In the GPO Editor right click the old KACE Agent and choose All Tasks -> Remove. Choose “Allow Users to continue to use the software, but prevent new installations” or "Immediately uninstall the software from users and computers" whichever is preferable in your environment and click OK.
  9. Duplicate Steps 4-8 if you have any additional GPOs that push the agent to other groups.
  10. Duplicate Steps 3-8 for other office GPOs if needed.

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