So long term fans of InstallShield will know about that weird 'feature' when you edit and MSI (for one half of the year) and then revalidate in Orca you get an ICE39.

This is caused by the validation engine thinking you edited the MSI 20 mins before it was created.

The solution, you can't fix this ICE in Orca, you have to go into InstallShield and edit the SummaryInformation fields. But only in Direct editor, NOT the pretty GUI.

You used to have to go into DirectEditor, Find SummaryInformation (which is at the top),
then manually add in the date and time in the REVERSE format of the other two fields. (it was a pain believe me)
However in the NEW version (hence the 'its better now) its a bit easier..... you can just edit the time field, or even overwrite the minutes...