A few days ago, we announced beta one for OnRamp for Microsoft OneDrive for Business.  Today, we are adding another cloud to the solution, Google Drive (tm)

In a nutshell, the solution:


  • Supports comprehensive file and directory transfer to Microsoft® OneDrive for Business and Google Drive™  from Windows devices.
  • Fully automatic or manual operation
  • Our envy-producing File Rules architecture lets you define simple or detailed inclusion and exclusion rules by file, directories, shell folders, or file types and more.
  • 34 programmable variables or “tokens” to enable exquisite control
  • Fully automatic with access token support (AD/SAML support planned)
  • Will not require login at time of transfer (Release version)
  • Does not require client install
  • Can run on the local machine or from a share
  • Keeps strict audit logs
  • Supports large files
  • Can operate in the background
  • Full command line support
  • Saves 3-4 hours per user
Now in Beta 2.   Finally, a solution that takes an entire company to cloud storage quickly and easily