Customers and partners have told us that transitioning users to OneDrive for Business is difficult and time-consuming. They’ve told us that they spend hours of technician time just to move a single user. That’s why we developed Tranxition OnRamp for Microsoft OneDrive. With Tranxition OnRamp, users or technicians gain a “no-touch” solution to automatically transition user documents to the cloud. Like our Migration Manager product, IT gains our powerful and flexible File Policies engine to automatically migrate shell folders documents, files by date and other properties, with 27 special user tokens to cleanly identify which files to move and which to push to the cloud.

The tool supports Microsoft OneDrive for Business whether it’s a public cloud or a private cloud.

We have a limited number of slots to participate in the private beta. If you’d like to apply, please click the link below.

We expect the formal beta to begin in early November. We will keep you posted!