More enhancements were pushed to the site last night. Our focus was on improving the experience of the Activity Feed for logged in users and making both visual and functional improvements to the software detail page. As always, please let us know what you think!
  • The home page has a big change for logged-in users. Your activity feed is now on the home page, so right after logging in you can see a concentrated list of relevant content to you (make sure you follow questions, posts, software and users that are interesting to you to improve the quality of this feed!)
  • In your profile, the activity feed has been improved with an easier to use filter so you can see the feed of things your follow or just a list of your own content you've created.
  • ITNinja has begun work on its API that will enable other applications and our users to more easily integrate with our community. Expect to hear more in a few months as we continue to build this very exciting infrastructure.
  • The software detail page has a few improvements. When adding tips, you are optionally able to share more context about the tip (difficulty, deploy method, etc.)
  • The sort order of software versions in the drop down on the software detail page should now more closely match the release order of the software versions.
  • Email Alert notifications now have a simpler subject line.
  • The activity feed now uses our standard pagination interface.
  • Bug: some AppDeploy Live requests were not returning tip data
  • Bug: hidden comments will no longer appear in search results
  • Bug: some removed tips were still showing on software detail pages

Next we're excited to start working on a big new concept: creating site moderators. This should help improve our community by giving some more control to our most engaged users to help moderate content and ensure tags are accurate, for example. Please don't hesitate to give us feedback on changes you think we should make to the site.