Hello Ninjas! The team has been working hard and we have some new features for you all. 

When you login, you should see a revamped home page including our own Nick the Ninja twitter feed. Stay up to date on all his latest posts on twitter

We've also changed the activity feed a bit to make it easier to filter for content. You can see your feed by date, content type and keyword. 

On your profile, we have simplified some of the pages.  There are two types of profile pages, a public one, and a private one. The public one is visible for the world to see and can be controlled on your account tab in the profile area. https://www.itninja.com/profile/account . Make sure all your information is up to date and accurate. 

Lastly, we've made some changes to our search algorithm. Hopefully this will return better results. As always, you can search by tag name to filter for content you really want to see and follow.

Have questions? Let us know! We appreciate the ITNinja community!