You need an automated way to join your laptops to WiFi networks, without having to give out the WiFi passcode. 

Use the following method to join your Windows 7+ laptops to your WiFi networks. This can be used on either the K1 or K2 since it it just a batch file (K2 instructions - stay tuned)

  1. From and admin elevated command prompt, export your profiles from a laptop that has already successfully joined the wifi network(s) you want to push out
  1.    netsh wlan export profile key=clear
  1. This will export every profile .xml to the current directory you are in. 
For K1 - Create a new Online Shell Script
For user to run as, I used the local system account, but admin accounts can work as well. 
Attach the profile .xml(s) to your scriptIn the text box, use this command:
  1. netsh wlan add profile filename="INSERT_FILENAME_HERE.xml"
  1. NOTE: Be sure to replace the correct filename
If you have multiple profiles you want ot import, you can add multiple netsh commands all to the same script, as long as they are attached to the script. Change the "" to "script.bat" so it will work on Windows

Run your script

Now, take your laptop off of the Ethernet connection, and watch as you are automatically joined to your network!

Now that you have this, you can create as many scripts as needed and apply them to various systems using Smart Labels.