Installation with a Managed Install 


To distribute Adobe  Reader 11 with the Dell KACE K1000 Appliance follow the steps below. 

Download the Adobe Reader 11 installation package.


Locate the software record for Adobe Reader XI in Inventory > Software

 -If one does not already exist we can create one. Before we can set up the Managed Installation, we must first have a listing for the program in Software Inventory. I recommend manually installing the program on a test box that has the KACE agent installed, and then forcing a check in. That’s the easiest way to create the item. 

Upload the Adobe Reader 11 MSI package under the associated files section of the software record. 

*Note: The MSI can be downloaded here- 

Go to Distribution > Managed Installations and choose Add New Item from the Choose Action drop down menu. 

Choose Adobe Reader 11 from the software drop down menu. 

In the command section you can configure the install in two ways. 

You can leave "Use Default" checked and enter "/i /qn" in the field. 

Or you can choose "Configure Manually" and enter "msiexec.exe /I adberdr11000_en_US.msi /qn" in the field 

Configure your machine selection and managed action as needed. 

Save it and you are done.  The installation will deploy based on your choices above.


Customization of Adobe Reader XI


The installation of Adobe Reader can be customized with different command line switches as well.  You will need the EXE installer for these, which is also available from the FTP link above. 

/sAll Silent Mode for product

/sPB Silent Mode with Progress Bar for product

/rs Reboot Suppress

/rps Reboot Prompt Suppress

/ini "PATH" Alternative initialization file

/sl "LANG_ID" Set Language; LANG_ID - Code in decimal digits

/l Enable Error Logging.  Log file Bootstrap.log will be generated in temp directory

/msi[Command line] Parameters for MSIEXEC


Example Command Line (incorrect) AdobeReaderInstallFile.exe /sAll /rs /l /msi "/qb-! /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES SUPPRESS_APP_LAUNCH=YES"


This command line has parameters for both silent install (/sAll) as well as progress bar mode (/qb) which is useless. Also /rs and /norestart work the same way suppressing the reboot.

SUPPRESS_APP_LAUNCH=YES can also be removed as the checkbox for suppressing the application launch after install has been removed from the installer.

Moreover the quotes are not being recognized by the MSI Installer causing it to launch help window pop up. 

The command that can be used for silent install and suppressing EULA is:

AdobeReaderInstallFile.exe /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES