To create a date filter for the search it will need to be in a specific format. 

The number one question I get is can it do variables? No

It would be a great thing and I agree to me it is one of the features that Id likje tobe able to see most. 

It would allow you to write filters once and then walk away but so far we arent there.

So in the meantime we need to enter dates and they must be in the yyyy-mm-dd format to get exact time periods (or as close as we can get since they arent variables) yo add the date in hh:mm:ss to the end of that. 

So examples...

Tickets Closed in the last day (approximate)
Tickets Closed > 2013-02-26
Ticket Closed in the last 24 hours (well close as we can get)
Tickets Closed > 2013-02-26 04:04:00