K1000 now supports Windows Embedded 7 and 8.1 in addition to Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 *limited support 

Unlike the full feature functionality provided for desktop computers and servers, this *limited support includes only Discovery, Inventory & Patching. Other specific features such as: Software Distribution and Software Metering remain unsupported.


  • Discovery for Windows POSReady 2009, Windows Embedded 7 (WE 7) and Windows Embedded 8.1 (WE 8.1) is performed using the standard Discovery process.
  • Inventory for Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 and WE 8.1 devices is performed using the standard agent or agentless processes.
  • Patching requires an installed agent on the Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 and WE 8.1 device
            -Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 and WE 8.1 patches are provided through the existing operating system subscription.
            -Detection and Deployment work the same as on any Windows system.
            -All patches are available to Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 and WE 8.1 devices through the standard feed.

*Limited Support

Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 and WE 8.1 will be supported on a limited basis. These OSs are designed to give device manufacturers the flexibility to modify them, making it impossible to anticipate and test every device/OS combination. Tested Windows Embedded versions include: Windows POSReady 2009, WE 7 Standard and POSReady, and WE 8.1 Industry.

Under Limited Support, a best effort attempt will be made by support to resolve any reported issues, but there is no guarantee issues related to limited support features and operating systems versions will be resolved. 

Write Filter management is the responsibility of the K1000 administrator and no automated functionality to enable/disable the write filter is being provided.

Higher level functionality such as: Asset Management, Service Desk, Reporting and Notification will work the same as it does for computers.

*Attempts to use K1000 for unsupported features or unsupported embedded versions are undertaken at the user’s own discretion. Support will not be available for unsupported OS versions, features and functionality.

Additional Resources

Additional information and resources can be found in the K1000 Knowledge Base Article # 188754