Hey Ninjas,

I've devised a way to utilize the K2000 and post-installation tasks to enable the push button reset functions of Windows 8 and up.  The attached PDF contains all the instructions to set this up. 

The tasks allow end users to restore their system back to the image that was deployed with the K2000.  And the best part, since this is piggy-backing on the push button reset features in Windows, end user files and folders can be left intact.  This is a great way to either re-image a system back to "factory" (Where "factory" is your corporate image), or get a non-working system back to a usable state while preserving the end users information. 

A hidden partition is created where the recovery image is stored.  This image is registered with the Windows Recovery Environment and will preserve any drivers and additional software that was deployed during the initial imaging process.  

Give it a go!