• Summary: Troubleshooting systems with access to appliance but no inventory.
  • Symptoms: Agent inventory not uploading to appliance.
  • Cause: Required process not running or firewall settings.
  • Steps to resolve issue:

The problem is usually an indicator the client is having issues processing and/or uploading an inventory to the appliance.  Check for the following:

1.  KBOX Management Service is running.

2.  Running processes do not show KBOX Client, only KBOX Management Service.

3.  The client system can reach the web interface of the KBOX appliance via a browser.

4.  There are one or more firewalls between the KBOX Client and the KBOX appliance.

These can be indicators the firewall may be inspecting traffic between the client and server.  The best indicator is opening a web browser from the client machine to the KBOX appliance and at the login prompt, type in 'cmd.exe' for the username and nothing for the password.  Clicking submit at this point should yield a blank page instead of a login failure.

If this is the case, the firewall(s) need to be configured to whitelist traffic between the KBOX clients and the appliance.

Some firewalls observed with the behavior: Cisco PIX, Nokia, SonicWALL.