New Appliance Delivers Efficient, Cost-Effective OS Provisioning for Remote Offices

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - July 29, 2008 - KACE, the leading systems management appliance company, today announced the industry's first virtual remote appliance to deliver remote operating system (OS) provisioning. As part of its award-winning KBOX family of appliances, the new KBOX Virtual Remote Appliance allows a central KBOX to extend full systems provisioning to remote offices, helping organizations to eliminate the cost and time associated with manual imaging approaches.

Consisting of an easy-to-deploy virtual appliance that resides in an organization's remote offices, Virtual Remote Appliances work in conjunction with a central KBOX Systems Deployment Appliance to push out entire OS deployments to offices outside of a corporate network, oftentimes hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. With this new technology, KACE brings automated, centralized controls that are cost-effective and efficient, allowing organizations to accomplish more while eliminating travel costs and without having to add staff or hardware at remote locations.

"Technology plays an important role in helping IT organizations make it through today's challenging economic times," said Marty Kacin, chief technology officer and co-founder of KACE. "Remote OS deployment has traditionally been among the most costly and difficult management tasks. With our new Virtual Remote Appliance, the KBOX eliminates an array of manual and error prone provisioning activities by providing a single, comprehensive point of control. This appliance-based approach optimizes how IT administrators provision systems at remote offices without necessitating additional hardware or personnel at those locations."

By automating machine provisioning at remote offices, KACE gives IT administrators a centralized way to execute deployment tasks, such as hardware independent network OS installation, disk imaging, software distribution, configuration management, and recovery at any location. Virtual Remote Appliances allow the KBOX to provision systems in any remote office, including the ability to:

* Provision from a centralized deployment library of operating systems, disk images, drivers, and applications;

* Perform hardware independent network OS installation (scripted installation);

* Deploy disk images;

* Utilize a GUI-based pre-installation environment for the recovery of corrupted systems;

* Deliver full reporting capabilities for system history, installation, and images.

"Operating systems deployment has historically been challenging for us to perform manual imaging tools," said Norm Booher, desktop support manager at Service Group Life and Casualty. "What's more, keeping our images up-to-date proved to be a time-consuming effort. KBOX from KACE has made the task of systems deployment super easy and with the ability to edit existing images and do scripted bare metal imaging, it has given my team more time to devote to other projects. We recently completed a massive upgrade of desktops in our company and KBOX made the job a breeze."

KACE helps customers save time and money. Systems managers are often forced to wear many hats throughout the day to work on a myriad of IT functions. KACE helps consolidate these functions by providing a single appliance for all projects, while delivering easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management that is affordable. The KBOX family of appliances fulfills all of the systems management needs of a medium enterprise, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

Virtual Remote Appliances are available now and included at no additional cost with the purchase of a KBOX Systems Deployment Appliance. To learn more about remote OS and software deployments, join KACE for a Web event entitled "Streamlining IT Deployment in an Ailing Economy," at 10:00 a.m. PDT on August 7, 2008. Register at:

About KACE(tm)

KACE(tm) is the leading systems management appliance company. The award-winning KBOX(tm) family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management capabilities. KACE customers usually install in one day and enjoy the lowest total cost compared to software alternatives.

KACE is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about KACE and its product offerings, please visit or call 1-877-MGMT-DONE.

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