We are pleased to announce the September 2018 update to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager. In this release, we maintained a design that is familiar and easy-to-use while making our search more comprehensive and powerful. With KACE Cloud MDM, all data is connected, so you can search for any user or device using any attribute of related data. What's new is our negative search filters that allow you to search for users and devices that don't meet specific criteria or have a particular attribute.


How to Use Negative Search Filters

Let’s say you want to find all devices that don’t have a specific configuration installed, or all users whose devices haven’t checked in within the last week.

Using the Devices or Users filter in the left-hand panel, enter the search criteria that you want excluded from the search and click the minus button. The criteria will be added to the filter list at the top of the page, and your results will be updated. This feature is helpful when you need to check for device compliance and uniformity within your managed users and devices.