KACE Customers Only

Join our new KACE SMA (K1000) crowdsourcing community where your peers and internal KACE experts upload and download useful scripts, reports, templates, and tools to help make your life easier.

Who can join? Any KACE SMA customer who is current on their maintenance

What’s in there? Here are some of the items already uploaded during the first week:

Linux Management Scripts

  • How to patch Linux (video and whitepaper)
  • How to Upgrade Cisco Devices


  • Spector & Meltdown Analysis
  • Collect Windows browser history from all users.


  • Linux SysAdmin Tools (11): Last Log In, Open Listening Ports/Services, non-system User Accounts…
  • Enable Bitlocker


  • Service Desk New Employee Onboarding
  • Purchasing Request Template

How do I start? Have the email address that you use to access KACE Support handy. Then just follow the instructions 

What about other KACE products? KACE SMA is our first Customers Only community, but others will come online soon.