New Appliance Architecture Brings Real-Time Capabilities to Mid-Market, Offering Unprecedented Visibility and Control

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - April 14, 2008 - KACE(tm), the leading systems management appliance company, today announced several performance breakthroughs to the latest versions of its award-winning KBOX(tm) family of systems management and deployment appliances. The new appliances release brings doubling of performance, giving IT organizations unprecedented control over their networked systems. As part of today's announcement, a new client-server communications protocol, called KBOX Agent Messaging Protocol, as well as extended KBOX Remote Replication support offering enhanced support for remote office management, were unveiled. These new capabilities dramatically improve performance to provide real-time visibility and control to address compliance, management, and security issues and drive greater simplicity and cost-effectiveness in managing remote sites. The new versions of the KBOX family of appliances are available now.

New capabilities of the latest KBOX releases enable users to now handle up to 20,000 end nodes on a single appliance, twice that from previous versions. In addition, the new technology allows for management of multiple remote offices, also from a single appliance and console, without requiring dedicated hardware at the remote site. The KBOX is able to perform the same systems management tasks on one appliance that take software-only solutions five to 10 servers to handle. These, along with several other new capabilities, allow KBOX customers to reap the benefits of enterprise-class capabilities at a mid-market cost, with the ease-of-use and simplicity KACE customers expect.

"The new capabilities of our latest KBOX appliances release will revolutionize how IT organizations think about systems management, and allow organizations to address critical systems management issues in real-time, without the costs and complexities of traditional solutions," said Marty Kacin, KACE co-founder and CTO. "With a proliferation of ever increasing security threats, and organizational demands to immediately respond to changing business and regulatory requirements, IT needs tools to address systems management issues quickly, across a growing number of local and remote systems. We continue to deliver innovative features for medium enterprises, while retaining the original benefits that have made KBOX successful - ease-of-use, extremely fast deployment times, and low costs."

KACE continues to separate itself from costly software-only solutions such as Altiris, LANDesk, and Microsoft SMS by offering the only all-in-one, complete management solution. Software-only solutions require separate servers for all major functions, such as reporting, database, and deployment. KBOX performs all of these critical functions from the ease of a single appliance. In addition, KBOX has the ability to manage multiple remote offices without the need for dedicated hardware at those locations through KBOX Remote Replication. These new capabilities dramatically reduce the resources necessary to manage a multi-site organization, eliminating the need for additional hardware and software and dedicated staff. Disparate systems can be managed remotely from one appliance helping customers cut down on cost and complexity - a key differentiator software-only solutions cannot touch.

Agriculture product distributer Wilbur Ellis is one such KACE customer that finds great value in remote systems management.

"We distribute agricultural products to all ends of the world. In order to allow us to get product to our customers as soon as possible, we've set up remote product warehouse sites located in strategic shipping lanes across the globe," said Rick Cahoon, enterprise support manager for Wilbur Ellis. "We use KBOX from KACE to remotely manage our many product warehouses from our central IT division in Seattle. The KBOX provides us real-time, centralized control from the ease of a single box. Our team would truly be lost without KBOX."

A summary of new features and updates for the new KBOX Systems Management and KBOX Systems Deployment Appliances releases include:

The introduction of the KBOX Agent Messaging Protocol, enabling real-time systems and security management across an entire organization. including remote sites;

Expanded remote replication for support of remote systems via KBOX Remote Replication;

Scalable, real-time support for up to 20,000 local and remote systems through a single appliance;

Integrated, Web-based user interface allows for a single sign-on and fast switching between the KBOX Management and Deployment Consoles;

Real-time reporting engine which includes new wizards for report creation, charting, graphing, and email report distribution to offer better visibility into the compliance and security posture of systems network-wide and insight into key management metrics;

Extended KBOX Configuration and policy enforcement capabilities beyond Windows to include, Apple Macintosh, Red Hat, and Solaris;

New platform support – Windows 64 Bit and Mac 10.5 support.

KACE helps customers save time and money. Systems managers are often forced to wear many hats throughout the day to work on a myriad of IT functions. KACE consolidates these functions by providing a single appliance for all projects, while delivering easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management that is affordable. The KBOX family of appliances fulfills all of the systems management needs of a medium enterprise from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

About KACE(tm)

KACE(tm) is the leading systems management appliance company. The award-winning KBOX(tm) family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management capabilities. KACE customers usually install in one day at one third the cost of software alternatives.

KACE is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about KACE and its product offerings, please visit or call 1-877-MGMT-DONE.