Summary:   In order to see the different devices (K1000/K2000) in the org drop down, the devices will need to be linked.

Steps To Resolve The Issue:

PLEASE NOTE: If using a local account (non-LDAP) or the admin account to log in, the password must be the same for the account on both the K1000/K2000 to allow this functionality.  This should not be an issue if the K1000/K2000 are both using LDAP authentication.  The admin account will need to have the same password even if LDAP is enabled.

1. From the K1000, navigate to Settings>Control Panel>Linking KBOX Appliance Settings>

2. Click Edit Mode.

3. Check the box next to "Enable KBOX Appliance Linking:". Check the KBOX name and make sure it is correct. Please note that the IP address of the KBOX can be used here.

4. Click Set Options.

5. Once that saves, a new field called "Linking Key (this server):" will be visible.

6. Click Edit Mode again and copy this Linking Key.


PLEASE NOTE: it will be necessary to copy the whole field including the Begin and End strings. 

7. Once copied, navigate to Settings>Control Panel>Manage Linked KBOX Appliances>

8. Click Choose Action, select Add New Item.

9. Type in the remote KBOX (K2000) name. Please ensure that this is the fully qualified domain name if this is what the KBOX is named. You can also use the IP address of the K2000.


NOTE: If the KBOX is configured to use SSL, click the checkbox next to "Connect using SSL:". 

10. Paste the key in to the "Linking Key" field.

11. Click Save.


This should allow an admin user to switch between the devices. Please note that if organizations are enabled, they will show up in the same drop down menu.