You have an Active Directory (AD) account that continues to get locked out. You have verified that the system that is locking it out is the KBOX.


How do you find out what process on the KBOX is locking it out?




Check the below sections and try changing or re-inputting  the user account credentials.


*=More common


  1. *Provisioning schedules
  2. *Replication Share
  3. *Proxy settings
  4. Scripting
    1. You can run scripts using "Run As". Check to see if you are using those.
  1. File synchronization
  2. User authentication (LDAP)
  3. LDAP labels
If you have multiple ORG's, be sure to check those as well. 
This helped me to look at my LDAP labels to see which ones were enabled:
1. Create a new SQL report
2. Query:

There is a column for ENABLED. 1=enabled, 0=disabled.