Summary:  Find below a VBS Script to deploy Office 2007.  Make sure you alter it appropriately for your network environment



REM Office 2007 AutoInstall/Upgrade Script


REM *** Basic Pre-Execution Proccesses and Variables ***


net use O: "\\server1\WinApps\Office2k7_Install"

mkdir "c:\office-deploy"

mkdir "c:\office-deploy\backup"

mkdir "C:\Recover"

mkdir "C:\Outlook"

xcopy "O:\7z.exe" "C:\office-deploy\" /V /Z /Y

xcopy "O:\7z.dll" "C:\office-deploy\" /V /Z /Y

xcopy "O:\Office_2007_Settings.reg" "C:\office-deploy" /V /Z /Y

goto backup


REM Backup old settings


IF EXIST "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PDFMaker.xla" move "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PDFMaker.xla" c:\office-deploy\backup\PDFMaker.xla

xcopy "%appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\*.NK2" "C:\office-deploy\backup\"  /V /C /I /H /Z /Y /Q

xcopy "%appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\*.xml" "C:\office-deploy\backup\" /V /C /I /H /Z /Y /Q

xcopy "%appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\*.srs" "C:\office-deploy\backup\" /V /C /I /H /Z /Y /Q

xcopy "%appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures\*" "C:\office-deploy\backup\Signatures\" /V /C /I /H /Z /Y /Q

goto install


REM Kickoff Office 2007 install/upgrade with Site MSP


xcopy "O:\" "c:\office-deploy\" /V /Z /Y

net use o: /delete

cd "c:\office-deploy\"

7z.exe x

xcopy "c:\office-deploy\QAT\*.qat" "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\" /V /C /I /H /Z /Y /Q


setup.exe /adminfile HarbourVest_Office_2007_Full_v2_Desktop_US_v2.MSP


%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /update \\server1\WinApps\Office2k7_Install\OWC\owc-sp1\owc11sp1-en-us.msp /quiet /forcerestart