Hi everybody,

here comes a quick tip for your KACE SMA (formerly known as K1000):
When I recently planned to deploy CDBurnerXP to my machines (hint: click on "more download options" on the download page to find a nice MSI for rollout!) I wondered if it would be possible to automatically deploy the software to all machines that have a CD oder DVD-writer built in.

Short answer: it is. You need two things:
1. A report that tells you which writer models you have in your network
2. A smart label to capture all machines with these writers

The report

You can create the needed report with the report wizard of your SMA. Here are the steps:

1. Start the wizard, name your report and choose topic "Device"

2. The only field you need to display is "CD/DVD Drives" under in the "Drive Information" section

3. No need for sorting, so proceed to "Sort and Breaks". Make sure you enable "Break header" behind the "CD/DVD Drives" field

4. No need for filters here, so just finish.

The SmartLabel
Next step is to run your new report to find out how your drives are named. I prefer running the report as TXT file since you can work with clever tools like Notepad++ marking feature.
As you can see in the following screenshot, all my optical drives with writer capability include the term "DVD+-RW". Lookout for these terms through all the drive models the report threw out and note them!

When you identified all relevant terms, go to your inventory and start a new smart label. Create a line with "CD/DVD Drives" "contains" "<<your term>>" for each of your terms and link them with "OR".

I'm sure you won't find more than a few different terms, these kind of drives seem to have very similar descriptions these days...

...and that's it! Now, what can you do with that? Two suggestions:

Create a managed installs with your favourite burning software:

Create a KACE script to block using the DVD writer at all (this setting is only for the integrated Windows disc burning features, it does not block 3rd party burning software!):