Linux Deployment Toolkit for 3.5sp1 and 3.6

As a limited release, we are posting this patch for the K2000, 3.5 sp1 and 3.6 to support linux kickstart deployments from the petemp\kickstart directory.
*Note: downloading the items require KACE support credentials to be entered.

Enable SSH root logon and reboot the K2000 before applying the patch.

3.5SP1 linux deployment toolkit patch.

3.6 linux deployment toolkit patch.

Then read the documentation in full for directions on how to implement this process.

The process does not support RSA deployment of linux at this time.

Please make feel free to comment below on ideas, suggestions or issues.


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  • I can't create the directory for installations sources cause of isufficient permissions on this share ... - mschulz 10 years ago
    • Anyone having this issue, please email me to have it resolved; all new installs should be fine. - cserrins 10 years ago
  • Am I correct in assuming that applying the 3.6 update to my K2 will wipe out this patch? Will there be an update to this patch to work with 3.6? I didn't see anything in the release notes to indicate that this is now native. - BHC-Austin 10 years ago
    • The 3.6 patch for Linux Kickstart is linked above. - cserrins 9 years ago
      • Good to know. Thanks! - BHC-Austin 10 years ago
      • Just curious how this is progressing. I'm having to hold off on the 3.6 update until this is available because I have a large Linux deployment coming up. - BHC-Austin 10 years ago
      • Hi BHC-Austin, have you updated to 3.6 yet and how does it work for Linux imaging?

        We are currently on a trial of 3.6 and I was under the impression that we can deploy Linux machines as well but am having little luck on finding documentation on this. - pete.si 9 years ago
      • We have not updated to 3.6 yet. Still waiting on this patch to be updated for 3.6. I was under the impression that 3.6 still does not have native Linux imaging. - BHC-Austin 9 years ago
  • I'm not able to apply the 3.6 patch. In the logs I find: "Exiting patch because system is not 3.6 Beta", and in the kbox_upgrade.sh it appears to be locked to build 95130. I'm on the current build of 98680. - BHC-Austin 9 years ago
  • @BHC-Austin : Same Problem : no linux support in 3.6. Wait et pray for 3.7 linux support...
    We'd seen iOS support in one of k1000 version, but it disappears. Dell like announcement. - acvianney 9 years ago
  • The patch for 3.6 has been updated and works now. - UntchV 9 years ago
  • Hi,

    I've got this error message :

    "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mount ing <ip>:<pathToKs.cfg>"

    What could i've done wrong? - gwir 9 years ago
    • Here's the log on the K2 :

      mount request from from unprivileged port - gwir 9 years ago
  • Here's the way I modify the boot.iso to have a kickstart choice :

    As root :
    mount -o loop boot.iso /mnt
    rsync -av /mnt/ /tmp/custom
    edit /tmp/custom/isolinux/isolinux.cfg and add before the line "label linux" :

    label InstallKickStart
    menu label ^Install Kickstart
    kernel vmlinuz
    append initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=Fedora\x2020\x20x86_64 quiet ks=nfs:

    Then rebuild the iso file :
    mkisofs -o /tmp/KicstartBoot.iso -b -r -J -l -cache-inodes -allow-multidot -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat /tmp/custom

    It works, but I still have the access denied error :-(

    Gilles - gwir 9 years ago
  • Can you please fix the download links above? - Timi 9 years ago
  • Has there been any progress on an update for 3.7 Release of K2000? - BHC-Austin 9 years ago
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