Okay I know there is already a tip on this but I found that to not be correct or detailed enough since I tried to follow it and it didn't work. Here are very detailed and working instructions...

This tip is to on how to create a boot cd for Norton ghost using a ghostcast server. This will replace creating a floppy boot disk since it is way more reliable and you don't have to worry about having a floppy drive or not. Don't worry it is easy to do the only reason the directions are so long is because I made the them very detailed and step by step. So letÂ’s have at it.

1. Create a boot floppy from the Norton Ghost wizard for the nic card you need, but you HAVE to use MS-DOS not the default PC-DOS. You can get it from creating a Windows 98 boot floppy with this utility, http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm, and download Windows 98 SE OEM.

2. Once you completed the boot floppy open up nero, I used version so these directions work for that version.

3. Make sure you have your newly created boot floppy in the floppy drive and a blank CD in your burner.

4. From the new compilation window select CD-ROM(Boot)

5. Under the boot tab select the following settings.

a. Source of boot image data -> Bootable logical drive A:\ 1.44 MB

b. Uncheck enable expert settings

6. Under ISO tab select

a. File name length -> Max of 11=8+3 (ISO Level)

b. Format -> Mode 1

c. Character Set: ISO 9660(Standard)

d. Uncheck the following

i. Joliet

ii. Allow path depth of ....

iii. Allow more than 255 char...

iv. Do not add the ';1' ISO ...

7. Your are almost there you can now burn the CD.

8. Pop your new CD into the machine with the NIC card you created this for and boot off of the CD. We are just about ready to ghostcast the computer.

9. During boot up off of the CD you will receive one of those "retry, fail" floppy errors, just ignore this and hit the f key for fail. You are all set this will boot up into ghost and you can ghostcast the machine.